Adding Icons, Emojis and Animated Gifs to Lists or Line Items

Emojis and GIFs not only add a nice look and feel to your planning processes, but are also a good way to give a visual break between list types. Earlier characterized by tacky little clipart images they have come a long way and now you can even add them on Anaplan to the workspace background.

How to add Emojis:
When typing a list name or line item name, simply push CONTROL>COMMAND>SPACE BAR simultaneously (on mac). The icon box will appear, then choose your desired icon.

There are many cool ways to use icons and emojis in Anaplan.

Example 1:
Icons are a great way to organize and categorize your lists. You can create “category” lists coupled with inverted triangle icons to separate list sections.

In the image above, we can see that the ▽Organizational Hierarchy▽ and ▽Sales & Revenue▽ hierarchy are both acting as category lists.


Example 2:
You can also assign icons to specific Line Item names to categorize certain planning items.

In the Travel and entertainment (T&E) forecasting model above we can see that the emoticons used
are not only adding to the aesthetics but are also great for model organization in Anaplan.

How to add GIFs:

1. Find a link for the image that you want.
2. Check the image link to see if it starts w/ "https" rather than "http".
3. If it does not start with an "https" or you want to upload a brand new image, then load that picture to a picture hosting site such as Imgur or
4. Finally, go to your name in your workspace and click Custom under Background. Enter in the picture link that starts with "https".