Bad data causing stress? Reduce errors with Data Hub

Do you trust your data? Can you say with confidence that your Anaplan data is consistent across all Sales, Finance, HR models and beyond?

The answer to a single question differs depending on which business unit created the data. Inconsistencies abound.

If success hinges on your organization’s ability to be nimble, how can you respond quickly to changing business conditions if you aren’t sure if the data is accurate?

The Solution

Users can create a data hub within Anaplan to integrate and manage data from external systems. This hub is your Single Source of Truth in Anaplan — used to house data, lists, hierarchies and overall structure.

Here are the benefits:

  • Consistency – A single data hub across all Anaplan models keeps data structures and naming conventions synchronized
  • Automation – The hub can be setup to push updated data to all (or select) models across functions. Rules can also be applied to data flowing through the hub to catch data quality issues before they get consumed by models
  • Reliability – Executives across the organization can present a unified view with confidence

All of this leads to reduced errors, reduced rework and reduced stress.