Create a Filter Page Selector Based on List Formatted Line Items

Anaplan has the ability to publish a list as a line item onto a dashboard, and use that specific line item as a dynamic filter. This allows for modules that share the same dimensionality in a dashboard to sync with the selection. But what if the list you want to sync to is a list-formatted line item rather than an actual dimension in the module?

How to:

Step 1:
Create a list of the items that you want to filter on – this will be done in the ‘General Lists’ (if it is not already created).

Step 2:
Create a new module with one line item. This is the module/line item you will use as the filter. Make that line item is a list formatted line item as well. Select and publish the line item to the dashboard in which you will be filtering on. Let’s call the module “Filter Module” and the line item “Lineitem A”

Step 3:
Go to the module with the list-formatted line item you want to filter (lets call it Lineitem Z). Create a calculation that uniquely identifies the list-formatted line item with the new line item created above.

For example: If Filter Module.Lineitem A = blank then 1 else if Filter Module. Lineitem A = Lineitem Z then 1 else 0.

Publish the module to the dashboard and hide the line item you just created. Go to the data filter option in the module that has been published to the dashboard and filter on the line item you just created.

Step 4:
Go to Settings>Actions and create a new open dashboard process. Call it ‘Refresh’ and choose the option that opens to the current dashboard that houses all the modules above.

Step 5:
The formula will show up as 1 if you do not select anything or if you select an item that matches between the two sources. The refresh button opens the current dashboard. Once you select an item in the drop down, click on Refresh and it should filter based on your selection.

Filter Module:


Uniquely Identify Formula


Drop down in action with refresh button