Create Formulas for Each Version

 Anaplan has native built in versions that leverage pre-built functions. However, in some instances you may want to retain prior versions for reporting but don’t want the additional overhead that this would add to your model. A way to do this without the overhead is to create a list of versions that don’t leverage native pre-built formulas.



How to:

Say, for example, that you want a module that has 3 years of monthly forecasts in it. To do this, first create a list of versions and then copy data over to that new versions list. Voila! You now have archived versions that do not impact your entire model.

Often clients will ask for a different formula for each version in Anaplan. The best solution to this is to create “mock versions”


Step 1:

Go to General Lists > Insert and create a list called “Versions List” containing the names of all the versions in your model (i.e. Plan1, Plan2, Plan3, Actual)



Step 2:

Go to Modules > Insert Module to create a new module called “Version Control” with the versions dimension and one line item called “Version?”



Step 3:

Open the module list and format your “Version?” line item to “Version List”



Step 4:

Populate the module with the matching name for each version.



Now you can evaluate what you want to populate with a formula in a line item based on the version name.



Formula Example: IF Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan1 OR Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan2 OR Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Plan3 THEN Sales Volume Plan ELSE IF Version Control.Version? = Versions List.Actual THEN Data Staging.Actual Volume ELSE