Data Hub by Anaplan

Collaborate on a single source of truth

Data hub is a central repository for data. It can be applied to an Anaplan model for storing master data, lists and modules that are shared across various apps and different production models. The Data Hub syncs changes across multiple models and is a recommended Anaplan best practice. With a global overview of your apps, you can now manage the apps that need to be synchronized with the latest version of your lists and data.





  • Maintains consistency of data

Centralizing data using Data Hub ensures uniformity of data across the various Anaplan models and apps. One data hub is used across many different functional apps to keep data and structure standardized and synchronized. All the data is organized, tallied up, and given common context at a single source, consequently maintaining consistency

  • Maintain clean and reliable hierarchies

In Anaplan, you can create your Hierarchies and use them consistently throughout every operation and function you perform on it. When you layer Anaplan lists, you can plan and report at any layer of that hierarchy, so Hierarchies which are a common list structure should be consistent across the business. Since Data Hub pulls information from a single source it ensures that the Hierarchies maintain the required consistency.

  • Expedites the development of future models

With data already structured and available at a single source Data Hub acts as a base to expand the use of Anaplan into other areas of business. By building the data hub as your source of truth for data you can use the pre-defined foundation of the model, the lists, and dimensions to ease and accelerate model builders to design future builds

  • Distributes only the pertinent information.

Many a time you may find that you only need to access or update only a part of a list rather than in its entirety. In such cases you can extract only the necessary data to build a hierarchy in the new model and using the data hub as your source of truth keep both the new model and the Data Hub model in sync.

  • Easy import of data  

Whether you are scaling different models or doing user segmentation, you can import lists and data from the Data Hub at the click of a button.

Key benefits of Data Hub

  • Consistency - A single data hub across all Anaplan models keeps data structures and naming conventions synchronized
  • Automation - The hub can be setup to push updated data to all (or select) models across functions. Rules can also be applied to data flowing through the hub to catch data quality issues before they get consumed by models
  • Reliability - Executives across the organization can present a unified view with confidence