Prior Period History Changes


Switchover is a very powerful and simple way to update actuals in new versions. However, in some cases, you may want different actual(s) in your reporting history for various reasons, such as a prior period reclass.

How to:


Scenario 1:

To view certain items for reporting and not throughout all planning function models (e.g., just the P&L), you must set up multiple models, which runs a set of actuals for that version. You’ll then archive the older versions.


Step 1: Create a new reporting model, which has all the same dimensions/lists as the source modules you need to import data in from.


Step 2: Use Anaplan connect to import in the lists and modules.


Step 3: Go to the source modules and go to blueprint view.


Step 4: Scroll to the right and deselect switchover.


Step 5: Map and import via Anaplan Connect.


Tip: Be sure to map the proper versions. You do not want to have an issue overriding different versions.



Scenario 2:

Create an actuals module with versions and import your actuals there. Then import your forecast in another module and have a formula drive your switchover date by version.


The potential downside to having multiple “actuals” versions is losing out on the space-saving benefits of using the switchover.


Scenario 3:

Create multiple line items. Each line item runs a calculation for each set of actuals. If there will be more than 3 versions, you will have to create a list that mimics versions (see figure above). In the budget line item refer to one set of actuals. While in the forecast line item, refer to the second set of actuals.


Note that this may cause exponential increase in sizing.