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Exporting Data Sources on a Dashboard (From a Module)

With all your data contained in Anaplan models, you have instant and easy access to it. But did you know that Anaplan allows modules on the dashboard and the data contained within it to be exported and saved in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, XLSX, etc.)?

For example, you can create an an export button on the dashboard for an income statement module.

Step 1:  

Go to any module and select Data > Export to create an export action


Step 2:

Choose the format in which you would like to save the export (XLSX, CSV, TXT or PDF).  Be sure to check the “Save Export Definition’” option and change the name to something familiar.  This will save the export action in Settings > Actions.


Step 3:

Go to Settings > Actions and create a process. This will take the form of a dashboard button.  Select New Action > Process. Now name the process (like “Export Income Statement” as in the example below)


Step 4: Now that your process has been created, find it in the Process list, click on the new process, and hit “edit”.


Step 5: A long list of actions will appear on the left.  Scroll through the list to find the export action created in step 2 (called Current Page – Income Statement Report). Click on it and select OK.


Step 6:  Add your new process button to the desired dashboard.  Select your process, then click on View>Publish to Dashboard>Income Statement.


Once completed, your new dashboard will look like the dashboard below, with the Export button included.  You can now click the “Export Income Statement” button to simply run the export from Anaplan into the selected format.